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Unwritten by Lyndon Jugalbot and SansMinds (Red version)

Unwritten by Lyndon Jugalbot and SansMinds (Red version)

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Simply drop the deck into your spectator's hands and let the spectator feel the ink appear on the edge of the deck in their own hands!

Customize your own message at moment's notice. Make it personal and leave people with a souvenir of your magic that they will never forget!

Easy to do
Supply your own matching bicycle deck

"Unwritten is visual, easy to perform explainable, and fully customizable. It's my top go-to effect. And I know it'll be yours too!"
-Lyndon Jugalbot


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Unwritten by Lyndon Jugalbot and SansMinds

What you get
Dvd with full instruction and gimmick.

Any cool tricks?
Oh yeah really cool! A moment of magic when a word or card revelation appears on the side of a deck of cards that was previously clean on both sides (check out the demo!).

Okay how easy?
Yes it is easy and well taught on the dvd. Get it in your hands and get used to handling the gimmick and it will be second nature. The spectators aren’t really looking for anything anyway; it’s such a lovely looking moment of magic.

Porters Thoughts
Really like this trick! Fact! To start with I wasn’t totally wowed by it but then I started playing around with it and using different revelations on the side of the deck and it got great reactions. The dvd shows you a very easy routine which is a nice way of revealing the spectator’s card. It’s very clean and looks really magical. To see it in action check out the demo on Mike’s site. Get slick with the gimmick and you’ll come up with loads of ways to use this idea. You could mix it with a mentalism routine or have some pre show knowledge for a knock out ending. My only concern is how long the gimmick will last. I’ve already broken mine, not sure if that was Mr Giant fingers here or something that happens a lot. Wouldn’t be ideal for this to break in performance. Overall though great trick.

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