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Ultimate Wild Card by Jean-Pierre Vallarino

Ultimate Wild Card by Jean-Pierre Vallarino

Ref: D807

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Price 23.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Not Rated

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Manufacturer : Not Available

Even if the basic effect remains the same, Jean-Pierre has revisited one of the most classic small pack of cards effect: The Wild Card.

This can easily become one of your classic effect to perform...

Effect : One by One, 8 identical cards transform into another 8 cards

  • Both side of the cards are shown all the time therefore reinforcing the illusion
  • Each transformation uses different techniques. It is almost a choregraphie
  • You can leave the cards for examination
  • Only require basic card technique

  • " Perfect !"
    Jeff Mc Bride

    " C'est magnifique"
    Norbert Ferre

    " Not only the trick is perfectly choregraphed, but it is also very clever and filled with a bunch of ideas to blew the spectator's mind. Very convincing"
    Jean-Jacques Sanvert

    " Ultimate Wild Card is one of my most advanced routine. I like to perform it on TV, because it is very visual, and can be performed while talking or on a musical background."
    Jean-Pierre Vallarino

    Comes complete with an instructional DVD and the cards in Bicycle 808 format.

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