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UH! By Nahuel Olivera - Trick

UH! By Nahuel Olivera - Trick

Ref: F2157

In stock
Price 71.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Beginner

Type : Trick

Manufacturer : Nahuel Gerónimo Olivera Bergallo

Effect: The magician shows a box with a glass inside and one sponge ball out of the glass. Then covers the front of the box with a sketch pad (which has a drawing of the glass in the box). Next the magician takes a marker and draws a red ball inside the glass. When the magician removes the sketch pad from the front of the box the viewers see that the sponge ball has traveled to inside the glass!

You will receive:

- A box
- A red marker
- A red sponge ball
- A glass
- A sketch pad with the drawing of the glass {Video Demo}