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Triabolical by John Bannon and Liam Montier

Triabolical by John Bannon and Liam Montier

Ref: E666

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John Bannon and Liam Montier present THREE absolute killer 'fractal' packet tricks in one small but deadly volume with 'Triabolical'! These are easy, examinable packet tricks at their VERY best!

"Bannon and Montier hit the trifecta with Triabolical. It's scary what you get when you combine Bannon's mastery and Montier's devious young mind. This amazing trio of effects takes Bannon's Bullet Party Count to new heights. All three tricks are cunning, practical and surprising as hell." - John Guastaferro

B'rainiac - Four Card Brainwave on hallucinogens. This literally gets started where all the others end.

Short Attention Spin - Radical deconstruction, re-engineering and reconstruction. Killer!

Montinator 5.0 - The Monte: Locked, loaded and in-your-face. From a game you can't lose, to a game you can't win, in record time.

Triabolical is soft cover, perfect bound, 50 pages and includes many illustrations for optimal BOOF!

Also included is a set of cards for the first two tricks! (the last uses regular cards).

{Demo - B'rainiac}

{Demo - Short Attention Spin}

{Demo - Montinator 5.0}