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Trauma by Rus Andrews

Trauma by Rus Andrews

Ref: E563

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Price 12.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Not Rated

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Manufacturer : Not Available

Trauma by Rus Andrews is a blank card effect with a crazy, twist ending.

Imagine showing a spectator four blank cards.

One of these cards is placed away in a back pocket by the spectator.

You then ask the spectator to imagine that these four, blank cards were Queens, for example, and then to name which Queen appeals to them the most.

After a moment, the three remaining blank cards are shown to have changed into three Queens; except the one card chosen by the spectator.

The spectator now removes the blank card from their pocket to find that it has changed into their named selection.

You receive

- A DVD with full explanations

- Cards needed to perform ‘Trauma’.

"The is a stroller / workers dream!!
I love the spectators choice of card appearing where the previously blank card was put in there own pocket!!
All the displays and moves are justified, there is no counting cards just for the sake of counting cards etc.
Rus has stripped back the effect , so it couldn't be any more simple and yet so strong at the same time!!
Magictao have done another fantastic job on the production of the DVD too.
Keep up the good work Rus, I wish you all the best with your other current releases."

Matt Wainwright