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TransCup by David Ethan

TransCup by David Ethan

Ref: F1077

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Price 9.99

Skill Level : Not Rated

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You drink your favorite soda in a cup, and at will, the straw goes through the cup.

From the book's introduction:
The idea of this trick came to me in a fast food restaurant: I finished my soft drink by playing with my paper cup and I wondered what kind of trick I could do with it...
Tapping on my straw while I was thinking about it gave me the idea: the straw through the paper cup!!!
Conditions for this miracle:

  • Be able to drink in the paper cup.
  • Be able to show the inside of the paper cup at the beginning of the routine.
  • Have no visible hole at the bottom of the paper cup at the beginning and at the end of the routine.
  • Use a regular straw without straw substitution.
  • Be able to make it easily, quickly (less than 30min) for cheap...
  • Easy to perform.
Pages 16