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The Self-Working Project by Ryan Matney - Book (SO)

The Self-Working Project by Ryan Matney - Book (SO)

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Skill Level : Beginner

Type : Book

Manufacturer : Retro Rocket Magic

These routines are the result of many hours of experimentation with different plots, ideas, and methods. Seven professional self-working routines.

This is not your average self-working magic.

These tricks make a big bang.

Full scripts are included for many of the following effects:

The Walton Deficiency Experiment - Utilizing modern techniques, a classic effect is turned into one big impromptu bluff.

The Maven/Bannon Triangle Conversion - The four-sided triangle has been taken apart and rebuilt. Here's what I got.

The Psychic Dyslexia Approximation - An impossible location with a bit of dyslexia.

The Positive Fortune Observation - Call someone the luckiest man alive and prove it. Thrice.

The Joker Proximity Conclusion - An urban legend that locates the jokers.

The Skill Minimization Theory - Someone names a number, you cut off exactly that number of cards. Then, it gets weird. Slow simmered until all skill has been dissolved.

The Fourth Street Correlation - The lucky Ace always turns up.

"I've been a fan of Ryan's for a while now..." - John Bannon

"I've always admired Ryan's knack for creating simple, elegant, and subtle miracles..." - Cameron Francis

Customer Reviews

  7 self working card tricks.   This is a great book of Self working card tricks. These aren't your run of the mill self workers. These are much better than that. The author has put a lot of work into these tricks and come up with 7 card tricks that will blow your spectators away. Very easy to do. Nothing complicated at all.  (29/06/2016) Barry Trestain - North Wales