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The Pennies by Giovanni Livera

The Pennies by Giovanni Livera

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They say it's not what you do it's how you do it, so lets get ready to do it right! See one of magics' greatest innovators take a mind boggling, self working puzzle and turn it into a MAGICAL EVENT your audience will LOVE! This is THE PENNIES by GIOVANNI LIVERA. Golden Cups winner and celebrated motivational speaker Giovanni Livera shows you how a totally impromptu puzzle, a roll of pennies, and solid routine can bring the house down! The routining techniques taught here are invaluable and can take your existing routines to new heights! Learn to turn a puzzle into a show piece. The most fun you can have for fifty cents!

No Gimmicks! Cool psychology with pure showmanship!

"I have witnessed Giovanni get loud cheers and a standing ovation when he did this routine for forty sophisticated magicians! This is one of the only tricks I would like to master before I depart this world."
- Barrie Richardson - Magician Legend

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The Pennies by Giovanni Livera

What you get
Dvd with full instruction. You will need to supply your own pennies (or buttons, sweets, marbles, pebbles etc.)

Any cool tricks?
Oh yeah really cool! This is a great fun routine that can involve many audience members. The plot is simple, coins place on the table. Specific audience members are responsible for keeping track of the quantities of coins placed in their row. Despite the magician adding several pennies (one at the time) to the rows, the numbers just don’t seem to be increasing.

Okay how easy?
Yes it is easy and well taught on the dvd. Giovanni Livera covers everything well.

Mike’s Thoughts
I really like this trick! To start with I wasn’t overly impressed with the video demo or the ad copy as it gives no indication what the routine is all about. To be honest, if it hadn’t been for Giovanni Livera’s great reputation, I would have passed this one by. It’s a great routine that involves many audience members. It requires no skill which leaves loads of room to concentrate on showmanship. Performed well, you will indeed “bring the house down!”

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