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The Mentalism & Mind Reading Secrets of Repro Magic by Jonathan Royle(Volume Two)  - Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

The Mentalism & Mind Reading Secrets of Repro Magic by Jonathan Royle(Volume Two) - Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

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Repro Magic was set up by Geoff Maltby in London and from 1970 ran their own magazine called "Club 71" which was in much later years renamed to "The Magician".

This magazine ran from 1970 until 1979 when it took a break and then started again in 1984, with publication continuing until the last issue appeared during 2007.

During this time almost 14,000 pages of content were published and now after many months of work, Jonathan Royle is proud and excited that he has now managed to find, extract and then compile together the 1,154 pages that were dedicated to truly original, innovative and high class mentalism & mind-reading secrets and routines!

Although in total this constitutes less than 8.25% (eight and a quarter) percent of the entire contents of "Club 71" this is the PURE GOLD and is solely comprised of the mentalism, mind-reading and psychic style material that appeared within the pages of the magazine.

Repro Magic closed its doors in 2008 and that same year as reported in Issue 422 (26th July 2008) of MagicWeek, Geoff Maltby signed over the legal ownership of all Repro Magic Copyrights to Mike Danata who runs Mike Danatas Magic Supplies in Bournemouth.

Fast forward to March 2016 and Jonathan Royle has now put the final finishing touches to this important trilogy of mentalism material (under legal license from and with permission of Mike Danata) which contains material suitable for close-up, street, cabaret, stage and even television and radio performances.

These 3 unique and encyclopedic publications are filled to the brim with practical real world tried, tested and consistently proven to work commercial mentalism and mind reading routines which will prove worth many times their weight in gold to any serious minded performer.

And don't be surprised when you see the secrets behind many of the so called modern and "new" mind miracles in these pages, just remember this content was all published years before the new, new generation of "experts" started releasing their material and the contents of these books really does prove the old saying that there is nothing new!

There is tons you will find within these pages that will excite you and amaze you so grab your copy today and add some amazing so old they are new again routines to your performances.

395 illustrated pages

119 individual routines & articles

32 different authors

Covers the period of 1996 to 2002 inclusive

5 years of unique, original & mind blowing mentalism

Contributors include:

Barrie Richardson, Phil Goldstein aka Max Maven, Ian Adair, Stephen Tucker, Alex-Leroy, Steve Jones, Angelo Carbone, Walt Lees, Billy McComb, Trevor Lewis, Werner Miller, Ron Escott, Peter Duffie, Ken Krenzel, Ali Cardabra, Arun Bonerjee, Nico Thelman, Dick Bow, David Zauber, Peter D. Blanchard, Kennedy Smith, Mike Hopley, Mo Howarth, Donald English, Soumya Deb, Brian Pearson, Gora Datta, Clyde Clayton, Santosh Coomar, Alan Ward, Ananta Deb Banerjee & Donald Bostock

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* That by purchasing you agree that you must not in any manner at any time share the digital PDF file that you have downloaded and gained one time only legal rights to print out in physical form.

* That by purchasing you agree that you must print this PDF file out into physical form within 28 days maximum of making your purchase.

* That by purchasing you agree to delete fully from your computer or other electronic devices the digital file once you have printed out the physical copy for which you have purchased legal license to print out one copy for your own personal usage.

* That by purchasing you agree never to give away, lend out, rent, swap, trade or sell the physical copy to any other individual as by purchasing you agreed that it was always for your own eyes and personal ownership only.

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