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Strike 6 by Matthew Dowden

Strike 6 by Matthew Dowden

Ref: F1884

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Skill Level : Intermediate

Type : DVD

Manufacturer : RSVP - Russ Stevens

Three years ago we released a great 2 DVD set called "1 Deck...14 Tricks...24 Hours", which was a huge success. We've now decided to release our favorite 6 routines from both volumes and put them onto 1 DVD at a price you won't believe!

See all six effects performed before real people, in genuine situations and then learn just how easy they are to do. All of these routines are suitable for both the beginner and professional magician!

ULTIMATE PHONE PREDICTION - Any Card. The magician NEVER TOUCHES THE DECK, yet a person on the other side of the world KNOWS where their card is from the top of the deck! Simply amazing & a real magician fooler!

COMPATABILITY TEST - Mathhew's unique version. Just watch the reactions...

LISTEN EAR - Simple to do. Superb!

POKER PUZZLE - A chosen card completes the perfect poker hand. Looks like real skill, but is really easy to do!

MATCH.COM - The ultimate matching card trick. All from a borrowed shuffled deck of cards.

SOLE SURVIVOR - A chosen card vanishes and appears in the magicians shoe!

Running Time Approximately: 55min {Video Demo}

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