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Sticky by Kevin Schaller and Oliver Smith

Sticky by Kevin Schaller and Oliver Smith

Ref: E607

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Skill Level : Not Rated

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Manufacturer : Not Available

Use this item to perform tricks seen on the hit show Dynamo on Magician Impossible. Click here for more Dynamo magic tricks used on the TV show
Are you looking for an effect that can be performed with a simple piece of gum?

Sticky is a DVD by the creative minds of Kevin Schaller and Oliver Smith. On this DVD you'll find four powerful effects that you can perform using chewing gum. All four effects are extremely practical, very organic, easy to perform and will leave your spectators ASTONISHED!

Explain that there is only one piece of gum left inside the pack and have a spectator freely select a row and a compartment. Display that the last piece is sealed inside the exact location they just chose.

Torn & Fuzed:
Show a silver pack of gum and a blue piece of foil from another pack. Visually make the blue piece fuse onto the silver foil, leaving it completely examinable and hand it out as an impossible souvenir

You mark one compartment of the gum pack as your prediction and have a spectator draw an X onto any compartment on the other side and it matches with your prediction.

Push Through:
Display a piece of gum inside one compartment. Have a spectator cup his hands underneath and visually push the gum through the compartment without any holes or slits.

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