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Spoken by Rus Andrews

Spoken by Rus Andrews

Ref: F0355

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Price 19.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Not Rated

Type :


A thought of card perfectly predicted!

A prediction is made and untouched from start to finish. The spectator is asked to think of a card. This is All done in their own mind without the use of any decks or extra props. The spectator is given the opportunity to then change their mind so it is even more impossible for you to know their thoughts. After making a few decisions and having one card in mind they name out load the chosen card. Without hesitation, you reach into your wallet to show a single card and that your prediction is correct.

  • No Decks Used
  • Use Your Own Wallet
  • Easy To Do
  • Takes Up No Extra Pocket Space
  • In Your Wallet And Ready To Go At All Times

DVD Running Time Approximately: 33 min


{Product Reveiw}

Dude that’s cool magic written product reviews.

Full time and award winning magician Guy Portlock gives his thoughts on the latest releases.

Spoken by Rus Andrews

"Great for all levels of magicians and your spectators will love it." Guy Portlock

What you get

Dvd 1 routine performances (live) and explanation

Any cool tricks?

A hands off prediction of a spectator’s thought of card what’s not to like!! Spectators will love it.

Okay How Easy?

It’s easy!! I reckon a little bit of practise with wording the performance in the right way and you’ll be performing this to A-listers!

Porter’s Thoughts

Not so long ago I read Springboard by Michael Murray which is a an effect where you get a spectator reading the magician’s mind. It’s good but for some reason I don’t find myself performing it that much, probably as there’s one element that doesn’t sit right with me. I mention that as this routine reminds me a little of it with the word play that you use on the spectator. Both are easy to perform but I think I’d use this more. It’s easy to get into and when you’re working at a busy bar or rushing from group to group it fits nicely without the need for much explanation. Rus teaches an easier version to make sure you’re more likely to get the right outcome at the end as well as a parlour idea. It’s fair to say it might not always work but that’s covered here and won’t worry any worker at all.

No pocket management needed as long as you carry a wallet you’ll be fine (in fact if you don’t you’d be able to work out a solution pretty easily)

So, great for all levels of magicians and your spectators will love it.