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Side Winder by Akira Fujii

Side Winder by Akira Fujii

Ref: E310

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The 'Sidewinder' accelerates your card work. You can control a card from the middle of the deck. But, this is only the beginning as this technique can be combined with other techniques you already know.

  • Steal / Glimpse / Crimp
  • Top and Bottom Control
  • No Break Dribble Force
  • Colour Change
  • Reverse and Control
  • Right hand Palm
  • Left hand Palm
  • Reverse Left hand Palm

  • Now, with Side Winder by Akira Fujii, all of the above techniques can be performed faster and smoother than previous methods.

    Side Winder by Akira Fujii DVD Running Time Approximately: 36min
    On screen instructions presented in Japanese and English.

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