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Shy by Smagic Productions - Trick

Shy by Smagic Productions - Trick

Ref: F1763

In stock
Price 22.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Intermediate

Type : Trick

- Full gimmick
- Easy to set up
- Big reactions

Your magic will be more convincible if the spectator has full control over everything they are watching. You can make a coin with a spectator's signature disappear and then make it comes back inside the card with the help from their hand. When it says inside, it literally means inside the card. The spectator has to tear the card apart in order to get their signed coin back. This is Shy, a visual effect that could not be more convincible. With Shy, everything is easy to set up and you are ready to perform anywhere, anytime. A beautiful deceiving design made for the perfectionist and dedicated artist. It should be in your collection. This is Shy, check it out! {Video Demo}

Customer Reviews

  Great reactions  I would say overall this is a great gimmick. The video is OK but a little sketchy in places and the audio is quite bad. Making of the second gimmick is some what of an art form though. I manged and I'm sure it'll get easier the more I make.   (08/12/2016) Marcus -