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Shuffled (DVD and Gimmick) by Jos Denys

Shuffled (DVD and Gimmick) by Jos Denys

Ref: F1651

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Price 28.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

"Shuffled" is a breath of fresh air in a world of impractical and overcomplicated Card at Any Number solutions. Jos Denys offers a clever routine that is believed to fool everyone. The method allows you to remain practically hands off at all times, creating a test-conditions miracle. It's easy to do, extremely powerful, and something you can learn in minutes.

In the effect, two envelopes are placed on the table. A spectator is invited to fairly shuffle and examine an ungimmicked deck. You then remove the two predictions from the envelopes. One envelope contains a playing card and the second contains a number. When the spectator counts down to this number, she finds the predicted card. There's no sleight of hand or open displacements: the card really is at the number the spectator shuffled it to.

- Use your own deck (any back design)
- Includes two versions
- Watch the full performance in the trailer; nothing is left out
- No sleight of hand
- Ingenious new method

You receive all the necessary gimmicks and a 45-minute instructional DVD featuring Jos Denys and Andi Gladwin teaching two routines using the principle (including one where the spectator's merely thought-of card is found at the predicted number). {Video Demo}

Customer Reviews

  You will love this  This caught me off guard. I assumed gimmicks of some sort but I was wrong. It's simple to do and the method works. This is a good purchase for me... I'm happy  (02/06/2016) Arnie - West Midlands

  Cool  Nice simple method. I'll be using this one!   (21/06/2016) Tom - Bracknell, UK

  Sweet effect  With a small amount of practice, very easy to do. Jos Denys seems like a nice bloke and explains everything very well.   (02/06/2016) Tom - UK

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