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Sharpie BUG Writer by Vernet - Trick (SO)

Sharpie BUG Writer by Vernet - Trick (SO)

Ref: 56304

In stock
Price 56.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Orders including this item usually dispatched within in 2-3 working days

Skill Level : Beginner,Intermediate

Type : Trick

Manufacturer : Vernet Magic

Make your predictions PERMANENT!

Now you can secretly write anything with Sharpie ink! You have the ideal combination: the perfect writer and the best holder!

The Sharpie BUG Writer has the perfect grip and great stability due to its anatomical design and ultra stick surface. The Sharpie BUG Holder has the property of keeping the Sharpie BUG Writer always charged with ink.

It also allows you to have the writer always handy, ready to use and safely stored. If that's not enough the set includes an extra bottle of ink that will last forever!!!

It writes exactly like the Sharpie Marker
  • Ultra safe
  • Comfortable
  • Always ready
  • Real ink
  • Perfect grip
  • Write as many as 20 number each time
  • It recharges in 5 seconds

Customer Reviews

  You'll not regret spending more!  Having struggled to use various under-the-nail writers effectively I invested in this - attracted mainly by the fact that it's an ink writer. It is excellent - very easy to deploy and ditch without suspicion and the writing (with practice)looks great. Used to great effect within days of receipt.  (08/12/2016) -