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Second to None book Simon Lovell

Second to None book Simon Lovell

Ref: F1841

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Skill Level : Advanced,Expert

Type : Book

Manufacturer : Randy Wakeman


A Manuscript on the Art of Second Dealing

In this 57 page booklet Simon Lovell teaches one of the most enigmatic of all card sleights-the second deal. One of the usual problems with learning the deal is finding more than just a skimpy description to start with and that's where this book comes in. Simon details every nuance of the move and its many different versions. He covers:

  • Myths of the Second Deal
  • How to Practice the Deal
  • Top Sweep Deal
  • Side Sweep Second Deal
  • Scaling Cards from the Strike
  • Double Deals
  • Push Off Deals
  • and much, much more.

57 Pages, Comb bound