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Rush by Chris Webb

Rush by Chris Webb

Ref: E462

In stock
Price 18.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Feel the RUSH when you see this fast and visual change. Not only a change but a switch, vanish and back design change. One clever gimmick will add all of this to any deck of cards. Simple, Visual and Direct.

As you can see, Rush allows you to do incredibly visual card changes, switches or vanishes with minimal sleight of hand. The cleverly designed and hand crafted gimmick does almost all the work for you. All you have to do, is enjoy your spectators amazement, and have fun with this neat tool.

Key points to remember:
- starts clean
- ends clean
- easy to do
- visual colourchange with no cover
- hand crafted gimmick
- multiple handlings and routines explained
- Supply your own deck of bicycle cards


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