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Runaway Joker

Runaway Joker

Ref: B273

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Skill Level : Not Rated

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The astonishing effect of RUNAWAY JOKER is as follows.

A deck of cards (your own) is spead face up and face down to show a regular deck. The joker is removed and placed onto the table. A spectator is offered a totally free choice from the deck and is asked to sign the face of her card. The spectator now cuts her card into the deck several times to ensure that SHE totally loses her card. The performer now takes the deck and the joker and holding it above the deck, gives it a flick. Instantly and visually, the joker vanishes from the face of the card, leaving only the surrounding detail of the card and the word "Joker" remaining lonesomely on the card!

This incomplete card is tossed out for examination and the performer openly deals down cards from the top of the deck to show that there is no sign of the Joker anywhere. The deck is now spread facedown and one card is seen to have the missing Joker PRINTED on its back! This card is turned over to reveal that it is, impossibly, the SIGNED selection!

The spectator is asked to verify that the Joker is really on the back of their card before the performer takes the selection, flicks it, causing the Joker to vanish off the back of the signed card. The deck is handed out for examination and the signed card as a souvenir!

Extremely commercial and guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Includes specially printed Bicycle cards, full instructionsand instructional DVD