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Ring Theory by Antoine Thomas - DVD

Ring Theory by Antoine Thomas - DVD

Ref: F1244

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OBSESSIVE. That's the only word to describe Antoine's drive to innovate.

After 5 years of development and refinement, we're proud to present Ring Theory.

An incredible compilation of over 40 ring flourishes and effects from the mind of Antoine Thomas, Ring Theory will help you cultivate the skill and finesse of a master manipulator.

These techniques represent a blend of artistry and physics unlike anything else you'll find. Any of the 40 techniques found within can be mixed and matched, as well as combined with other ring effects for an unforgettable performance.

The easy to follow tutorials are designed to teach anyone of any skill level to control rings with fluid precision. You'll have the ability to effortlessly pull off amazing displays of dexterity before the tutorial video is even over. Captivate and astound your audience with the techniques found only in Ring Theory. {Video Demo}