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Over the Top (DVD and Gimmick) by Cameron Francis

Over the Top (DVD and Gimmick) by Cameron Francis

Ref: F1674

In stock
Price 19.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Beginner

Type : Trick

* Comes with special USPCC Bicycle Deck

* Super easy - requires almost no skill

Cameron Francis' OVER THE TOP is the mother of all card tricks. It is a multi-phased, virtually self-working, juggernaut of magic.

The cards are shuffled and cut. (Remember that - it's important). A selection is made and lost in the deck. Then the deck is handed to a willing spectator who proceeds to quiz those watching about the value of the lost card. Based on the crowd's answers your new found friend deals piles of cards onto the table.

The new top card of whatever remains of the deck (still out of your hands remember) is flipped over. Incredibly the spectator has found the selection. But you ain't seen nothing yet... we are only just getting started.

Remember those random piles the spectator dealt down earlier? The top cards from each are turned over and IT'S THE THREE MATES OF THE SELECTION!

Before your audience can react, you also reveal that the spectator found THE FOUR ACES!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... THEY ALSO FOUND THE FOUR ROYAL FLUSH SETS. IN ORDER. All from a shuffled deck, and all in the hands of your spectator.

But OVER THE TOP doesn't end there. You still have one more incredible, unbelievable climax... It's insanely cool that your spectator found all those cards from out of a shuffled deck, especially when they flip the remaining cards over and discover that the rest of the pack is BLANK!!!

That's not just mind blowing magic... it's OVER THE TOP!

Just as perfect for a small intimate group as a full blown stage show, Over The Top is the kind of trick that makes reputations. Cameron Francis has used it as his set closer for years, and even picked it to be the center piece in his Magic Castle act in 2013.

As Cameron says "If I had to pick just ONE trick to perform and I was going all-guns-blazing to impress... I'd definitely pick Over The Top!' {Video Demo}

Customer Reviews

  Just Superb  A truly great effect to involve your audience in and a brilliant closer that will leave the remembering you for a long time as a fantastic magician. My Kind Of Routine. Thank You.  (09/07/2016) John Learoyd - Bourne Lincolnshire

  Over the Top  This is just brilliant. I really like Cameron Francis and BBM. You always know that no stone will be left unturned with regards to the explanation. Dead easy to do.   (30/06/2016) Simon - UK

    I never hesitate when it comes to buying BBM effects. Over the Top by Cameron Francis is a great effect and lives up to its reputation.   (30/06/2016) Adam - West Midlands

  Thumbs up  Ha! Great Trick. Very easy to do. Great explanation as well.   (30/06/2016) Todd - Liverpool

  Love it  Pleased with my purchase for over the top by Cameron Francis   (30/06/2016) Peter H - UK

  Easy  Mastered within minutes of watching the DVD. Thumbs up for Big Blind Media!   (28/06/2016) Brian - London

  Great for groups  I performed Over the Top last night at the local pub. It went down a treat. Very pleased and it got me a free pint!!   (29/06/2016) -

  Buy it  Do not hesitate Buy this. You will not regret it!   (29/06/2016) Owen - Cardiff

  It doesn`t get any easier and better than this!  A pity that the best rating for this is only five stars - it deserves far more! Mikes service is second to none. I notice that some dealers are selling this effect for far more. Get it and get it from Dude....   (31/08/2016) Bill Swallow - Spain