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Natalis by Dave Forrest

Natalis by Dave Forrest

Ref: F1279

In stock
Price 19.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Not Rated

Type :

Effect: You hand your spectator an envelope and show them a deck of cards. All 52 cards are present and in a random order but the backs have random days in the month written on them - 3rd, 17th, 29th etc. All except one that is, which is blank with the words ‘Happy Birthday’ written on it... PHASE 1You begin to deal the cards face up into their hand asking them to say stop any time they like - a FREE CHOICE - they stop you on, let’s say, the 7 of Hearts! You turn it over and on the back is written ‘22nd’. “Wow! How did you manage to find my Birthday Card?!” , you ask. They turn over the envelope and written on the back it says: “I was born on the 22nd!”  PHASE 2Now they look inside the envelope - it contains a single slip of paper on which is printed a calendar. Every single day of the month has a different card written next to it. They look up their birthday and find out what their ‘Birthday Card’ is - let’s say it’s the 10 of Spades. You run through the deck and locate that lone blank card with ‘Happy Birthday’ written on it. They turn it over and it is none other than the 10 of Spades!

. Only one deck and one envelope in play!
. The calendar really does have all 52 cards written against all possible days!
. No duplicate dates or cards!
. Works every time for any birthday!
. No gaffed envelopes - No duplicate cards - No R&S - No thin cards!
. Easy to do - No complex sleight of hand!

Includes: gaffed cards plus additional props. (supply your own regular pack)

The enclosed dvd features 3 different handlings including a super-easy version.
{Video Demo}