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The Misdirection Effect by Liam Montier (DVD + Gimmicks)

The Misdirection Effect by Liam Montier (DVD + Gimmicks)

Ref: F067

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Special Bicycle Deck and gimmicks included

Simple to do and very easy to perform

Two signed selections appear in the most impossible of locations!

Misdirection is a complete show stopping routine. Something that will stay long in the memory of anyone witnessing it.

The four aces are locked into a clearly empty card case clutched in a spectator's hand.

Two cards are then selected, signed across the face and then placed into the card case alongside the Aces.

Under these seemingly impossible conditions the magician reveals that he can make the signed selections VANISH from the card box.

He does, however, require some help. To this end he removes two cards from his pocket. They are blank except for the words 'MIS' and 'DIRECTION'. He explains that this 'misdirection' is all he requires to make those selections vanish.

Sure enough, as the spectator opens the case they have been holding since the start of the routine they find all four Aces but NO SELECTIONS!

Of course the spectators are now wondering where those cards went. And the magician agrees to reveal all. He reaches back into his pocket and removes the 'MIS' and 'DIRECTION' cards. Slowly he flips them over to reveal that they ARE THE TWO SIGNED SELECTIONS!

Liam Montier's Misdirection Deck is simple to do and very easy to perform. It comes with the instructional DVD along with a full Bicycle Deck containing all the gimmicks necessary to perform this killer routine.