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Sextet by Jack Kent Tillar

Sextet by Jack Kent Tillar

Ref: C498

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by Jack Kent Tillar

This is the complete collection of Jack kent Tillar's telephone, fax, and email routines --

All under one cover:
Over tow dozen new long distance performance pieces!
Insider professional tips on maximizing impact and entertainment value!
Three private routines: E.T. call Home, Coast-to-Coast Telepathy, and the JKT extension!
Two effects originally slate for individual commercial release: My Favorite Picture Code and Psychic Hot-line
Plus a new unpublished bonus routines by Michael Weber and an additional hilarious routine by Ross Johnston.

"I envy Jack, he has so many talents, it seems unfair. His new work Sextet carries with it his trademarked search for perfection, historical, context, and a beguiling simplicity (though not simple). Maybe I should take up music." - Marc Salem

"One is hard pressed to name a best or favorite form this book. Every effect is strong, clean, and can play like the 'real work'." - Ross Johnson

Pages 154 - Softbound