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Intelligent Design by Jason Messina

Intelligent Design by Jason Messina

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Intelligent Design
by Jason Messina

Tired of doing tricks? Bored of drawing duplications that only involve one person while the rest of the group sits back and watches?

Do you want a dynamic framework that involves the whole group? Do you want methods that rank amateurs wouldn't dream of doing? Do you want a killer performance piece for your next party?

Welcome to INTELLIGENT DESIGN. It is a presentational framework you can mold to your personality and to individual performing needs. It gives you room to participate with your audience and brings them into the action dynamically with often surprising results.

This isn't a drawing duplication you do for one person; this is a shared experience you create for a room full of people.

The method is built on solid mentalism principles and has been performed in every possible setting with devastating results. You literally become the life of the party.

INTELLIGENT DESIGN is for the smart mentalist who enjoys free form performance pieces that demand him to stay in the moment and create a shared experience for his audience. INTELLIGENT DESIGN was created with you in mind.
No Forcing
No Marking
No Stooges
No Dual Reality
No Gimmicks
No Sleight Of Hand
No Set Up
No Pre Show
No Shiners
No Nail Writers
No Peeks
No Pencil Reading
No Lip Reading
No Sound Reading
No Muscle Reading
With a little practice this method is 100% foolproof and reliable.

INTELLIGENT DESIGN. Drawing Duplications for Smart People!

Pages 20 - Saddle Stitched