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Broken Wings by Dee Christopher - With Pad

Broken Wings by Dee Christopher - With Pad

Ref: D789

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Price 19.99

Skill Level : Not Rated

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Manufacturer : Not Available

Broken Wings by Dee Christopher A down and dirty mentalism device by Dee Christopher.

With the Broken Wings device, you can easily:

  • Predict impossible things
  • Make writing appear, disappear or transform
  • Create dual realities
  • Force cards
  • Automatic writing without special pens
  • Peek information
  • Drawing Duplications
  • Switch billets or cards

  • This device is a gimmicked pad. It's simple in it's workings, but since it's conception 2 years ago, I've used it everywhere, from nightclubs to stages with great success.

    There are no complex mechanisms to go wrong, no technology to fail, this is a pure, invisible gimmick which allows you to achieve a multitude of impossible effects with ease.

    You could set the Broken Wings pad up to satisfy a full act with a variety of routines. A real mind-reader would appear to require no props to read minds. All a real mind reader would need is a pen and paper.

    All you need is a pen and this pad of paper to make that a reality.

    8 full routines are taught showing the ins and outs of just what this amazing device is capable of.