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LOVING BAND by Clment Kerstenne and Philippe Bougard

LOVING BAND by Clément Kerstenne and Philippe Bougard

Ref: F1018

In stock
Price 25.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)


"Dynamic and funky... The coolest guys of Magic are back !!!"
Jean-Luc Bertrand

"Great work! It's fresh, original and daring, Bravo!""
Sylvain Mirouf

"A great assembly, a magnificent achievement and a duo with some guests talents! A 100% Belgian product which proves once again after Brel, JCVD Stromae and the world is ready to see two young prodigies of illusion: Philippe Clment and Bougard Kerstenne not to be missed under any circumstances!"
Carlos Vaquera

"Band's up !"
Nestor Hato

"An innovative duo. Vive la Belgique!"
Luc Apers

This DVD is Great!
The production is top notch and the magic is very visual.
I recommend this DVD to anyone who is interested in Rubber-band Magic.
Well done guys!

-Joe Rindfleish

After the success of "F*#$ing coins" Clment Kerstenne and Philippe Bougard are back again !

The duo pushes rubber-band magic to the extreme, adding other elements to their routines such as phones, rings, keys, lighters, pens, plasticine and even spaghetti!

In this eagerly anticipated double DVD the performances of all routines are packed into a dynamic 21min short film.

2 Disc Set
12 Routines
12 Techniques
3 Bonus Routines
1 Guest
The Making Of
The Duo


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