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Killer Bee by Chris Ballinger

Killer Bee by Chris Ballinger

Ref: F0360

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Skill Level : Not Rated

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Spelling with cards!

Here's the run down for "Killer Bee".. A pack of cards is shuffled by a spectator, they select a suit for the magician and a suit for themselves. They turn over a card from their pile and it is spelled by the magician, the next card is the same number just spelled. This continues until every card is spelled and every card matches perfectly!

Then, the spectator picks another suit to use, they spell each card in order, (ace through king) and every time, they finish spelling the deal out the card they just spelled.

Finally, all the cards are gathered up and even though the spectator was the last one to shuffle and touch the cards, they are now back in new pack order! Every card-hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds is in numerical order!

Recommended For:
This is a full, multi-phase routine that can fit into any close-up or walkabout act.

The DVD covers a way to present the effect as a mentalism routine, where instead of spelling the cards, you can feel the vibrations of the cards or the spectator and know where every card is even from across the room.

Trick Specifications:
Includes gimmicks made from Bicycle Rider Backed cards (your choice of red or blue), bonus gimmicks and an instructional DVD teaching several different handlings.


{Product Review}

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Full time and award winning magician Guy Portlock gives his thoughts on the latest releases.

Reviewed product
Killer Bee by Chris Ballinger

What you get
Dvd plus all the gimmicks you need and a deck

Any cool tricks?
Well a spectator shuffles the cards, they choose a pile and it works out that they can spell to every card in the deck!! That’s pretty clever!

Okay how easy?
Okay so it’s not a simple trick to perform and there’s a set up as you would imagine for such a clever trick. However I was very impressed with the explanation and tuition with everything covered, making it achievable for anyone who wants to perform this trick. Some basic handling of cards would help pick it up a little more quickly though.

Porters Thoughts
This is not a quick fire OMG moment trick it’s a slow burner which gets even more amazing as the routine goes on. If you like it’s a Mozart piece of work and not a quick pop song! If you love card tricks I’m sure you’ll enjoy the thinking behind this and you may find a different way to perform this trick once you’ve learnt the secret. On the dvd Chris does show a way to perform this if you’re more of a mentalist, which I’m sure would get great reactions. I’m not sure a lot of workers would instantly add this to their repertoire, not because it’s not a great trick, just because of the set up and that a lot of the audiences they perform for haven’t the patience for a long trick like this. However for the right audience when you’ve time with a group and you’re not battling with a noisy environment this would work very well.

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