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Industry by Arteco Productions

Industry by Arteco Productions

Ref: F242

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Price 29.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Not Rated

Type :


The Effect: The DVD/book of a spectator is taken and examined carefully.

It's shown to anyone, and the magician doesn't touch it anymore. A random card is selected by the spectator: Queen of hearts. The magician grabs the DVD and brings everyone's attention to the barcode, more particular on its number and the suit.

The magician shown his hand empty, and slowly moves it on the barcode:

Visually, the numbers rearranged themselves for the name of the spectator's card: Q of heart!

The DVD and the magician's hands can be examined immediately.

Combination of a gimmick and a demonic psychological subtleties!