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INDIE! by Liam Montier and Jack Tighe

INDIE! by Liam Montier and Jack Tighe

Ref: D855

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"Coupla' clever cats cool card collaboration. Lean and mean - very mean! You'll definitely have fun with Indie" - John Bannon.

This A4 soft cover booklet features the card magic of Liam Montier and Jack Tighe, and discloses 9 of their favourite card effects, explained in detail with photos over the 40 pages.

Learn CHEATER, VOODOO BOX and POKER FACE from Liam Montier, and PARTICLE, DEPARTURE and LITTLE X-TRA from Jack Tighe, before checking out the three KILLER collaboration routines, including HOME BRAUE, WHISPERSITION and COLLECTABLE.

All the routines are commerical, practical, strong, and feature at least one 'Ha! That's sneaky!' moment per trick. All of the moves aside from the most basic are described in detail, and the majority of them use nothing more than just a regular deck!