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'INCOGNITO' by Roddy McGhie

'INCOGNITO' by Roddy McGhie

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Three miracles from one of the hottest new talents in magic!

Dave says: "Take it from me - you'll be hearing A LOT more from this guy in the near future! Roddy has an incredible talent for creating really fresh, off-beat magic and 'INCOGNITO' is just the tip of the iceberg!"

"No Joke, Roddy McGhie is one of the cleverest magicians I've ever met!" - Cameron Francis

Roddy has been quietly carving out a name for himself for the last few years as a creator of awesome, off-beat routines and crazy-clever gimmicks - 'Incognito' is a perfect example of why there's so much buzz!

On this DVD you will learn THREE killer effects - PHILOGRAPHY, WALTZER and CARD SHARK - all using Roddy's ingenious 'Incognito' gimmick (enclosed). This gimmick allows you to perform some incredible card magic that will FOOL THE PANTS off of EVERYONE! The ‘INCOGNITO’ gimmick blends seamlessly into your ordinary pack and allows you to get incredibly far ahead of your audience in such a sneaky way! They might be signing a card that’s already signed! They might be signing half of a card! Thanks to the INCOGNITO gimmick – they’ll never know it!

There are no doubt limitless applications for this gimmick but here’s a brief run down of the three powerhouse effects included on the DVD!

'PHILOGRAPHY' – A spectator chooses ANY card and signs it across it the face. “It’s obvious that you’re good at following instructions” You announce. “Some times people sign on the back of the card and often, that’s no good but, I have a do way round it. Let me show you!” You now have them sign the back of the card too. You remove a Joker from your pocket that apparently bears the signatures of previous spectators who mistakenly signed on the back – it is examined by the spectator. You then take it and back and visually pull their signature right off the back of their signed card and onto the Joker with all the other signatures! You immediately hand both cards out for examination and you can continue your set with the signed selection!

'WALTZER' – Roddy’s take on ‘The Anniversary Waltz’ is a real fooler thanks to the ‘INCOGNITO’ gimmick. A card is chosen and signed by the first spectator – it is left in their hands. A second spectator chooses and signs a card also. You take both cards and visually meld them together to form a strange hybrid – the face of the card depicts both selections – and BOTH sets of signatures are now on the back! The card can then be immediately handed out and kept as a souvenir. The DVD includes PDF artwork so you can print a lifetime supply of the ‘double card’ gimmick!

'CARD SHARK' - is a comedy card trick but a mind blower, none the less! A card is selected and signed before being lost back into the pack. You talk about the deftness, dexterity, and prowess of the ‘card shark’ and his ability to easily locate the signed card in the pack. Then you take the ‘card shark’ out of your pocket – it’s a little rubber fish! You assure your audience that this IS indeed a card shark and run the nose of the fish down the edge of the deck. Amazingly – the signed card jumps, protruding from the pack! When the spectator is asked to remove their card they now discover that it is actually BITTEN IN HALF! The other half – which perfectly matches the spectators signed half – is found inside the belly of the ‘card shark’!

The ‘INCOGNITO’ DVD + hand made bicycle gimmick is available NOW! Don’t delay!