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Shock FX DVD - Andrew Mayne

Shock FX DVD - Andrew Mayne

Ref: A486

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Twisted, Devious, Gut-Wrenching Magic for Stage, Home and Urban Entertainment

In Shock FX, Andrew Mayne presents 13 tricks, stunts and gags for the modern conjurer.

Produce a bowling ball in an impossible way, stab a pencil through your face, use insects to perform psychic feats, learn Andrew's brand-new handling for the paperclip through arm effect and much more!

Also included on Shock FX is Andrew's brand-new one-man illusion Brain Damage-a head penetration effect using umbrellas which can be constructed in five minutes for less than £3.

Pencil Through Cheek
Pin Head
Spike Through Tongue Part 1 & 2
Lunch for Cthuhlu
Bed of Thumbsticks
Bob Roach: Psychic Entertainer
Brain Damage

Running Time: 50 Minutes