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Coins AKIRA's by Akira Fujii

Coins AKIRA's by Akira Fujii

Ref: A806

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Price 24.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Not Rated

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Manufacturer : Not Available

In 1993, Akira Fujiis lecture notes were released in Japan. At that time, the Muscle Pass was transformed from an acrobatic stunt to an element of real magic.

In 1996, Coins Akira's was developed as a routine that did not use gimmicked coins.

In 2002, rumors spread to foreign countries and 'Jet Coin' was published in Genii Magazine.

Now this routine - and others - are explained on DVD!

Flash Back: Four coins concealed with cards (in a Matrix set-up) . Coins gathers in one place, and immediately return to their starting positions!

Jet Coin: Three coins pass from one hand to the other. This is NOT your standard Coins Across!

Ghost Sound: A sucker trick with coins.

Grow Up Coin: One coin disappears and reappears, then expands visibly - twice!

Three Ahead: Three coins thrown in the hand disappear.
You have to see the work on this one to believe it!

Akira Fuji's work with coins is both elegant and edgy, both subtle yet bold, but most importantly it fools you badly.
- Nathan Kranzo