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Money Magic

Magic with money always fascinates. People can always identify with money and let's face it. If we really could create magic, what would we do.. Create money!

Within this section we've many great tricks by some of the world's best magic producers that will seemingly allow you to do that. We've tricks that will allow you to turn blank pieces of paper into banknotes or change one bill into another. We've also a great many magic tricks that will allow you to seemingly have coins vanish from one place only to appear in another or multiply. Whilst some coins or banknotes are gimmicked, we've also many instructional DVD's and books that will teach you the various sleights of hand, skillful manipulation and misdirectionrequired to perform many reputation making miracles with just a few small coins.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner looking to learn a few basic coins sleights or some great gimmicked coins, or even a master magician looking for the next knockout coin magic routine. You'll find something here to suit your magical money magic needs.

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Page:  1  2  3  4  5  ...   >   >>   View All (128)