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Coin Unique by Eddie Gibson Magic (1/1p Version)

Coin Unique by Eddie Gibson Magic (£1/1p Version)

Ref: A383

In stock
Price 29.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Not Rated

Type :

This is a real knockout of a trick from Eddie Gibson Magic.

This gimmicked coin set is supplied with over twenty different routines that you can perform using the COIN UNIQUE. For example, two coins are shown, a £1 and a 1p coin both coins are openly placed within the draw of a matchbox. The matchbox draw is closed. The magician gives the matchbox a small magical shake, the matchbox is opened by the spectator and to his amazement the penny has vanished leaving just the pound coin!

There are many reputation making magical effects that can be performed with the Coin unique. The only limit is the imagination.

These Coin Uniques are Eddie Gibson Originals - Beware of imitations