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Coffee House Conjuring by Gregory Wilson

Coffee House Conjuring by Gregory Wilson

Ref: F1106

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Greg Wilson is a man known for creating many of the best pieces of impromptu magic in modern times. With Coffee House Conjuring, Greg has released some of his best impromptu magic yet.

Imagine walking into your favourite coffee shop, grabbing some items at the prep bar and being set to perform all day.

Coffee Break

Stain Alive

A Tall Order

Venti Diagram

Quarter Cup

Triple Shot

Sugar Substitute

Flick Stick

About Face

Sleeveless in Seattle

Sweet Nothing

My Cup Runneth Over

Each of the coffee shop miracles on this DVD are not only baffling to laypeople and magicians but all have great presentations built into the routines.

Each presentation is organic and will leave your audience with the sweet taste of astonishment.