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Close Up (Special order)

Performing Close up magic tricks is a very popular area of magic and is one of the most common forms of magic performed by many magicians and performers. The great thing about close up magic is that the trick will happen up and close with the audience member. Thus allowing an added moment of magical bewilderment that may not be possible with many other forms of magic.

Dude That's Cool Magic is very proud that our magic shop has one the largest selection of close up magic tricks in the world. We source our tricks from the very best world-wide manufacturers and update this area of our online store daily. Within this section, you'll find everything from the close up classics right through to the very latest brand new magical releases.

Don’t forget that to assist in your search for the right magic trick – many of the items featured within this section also have a performance demonstration associated with them. To view the performance of the close up trick, keep an eye open for the “Video Demo” tab just above the relevant tricks description.

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Page:  1  2  3  4  5  ...   >   >>   View All (1892)