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Card Journal (Spiral Bound) by Aldo Colombini - Book (SO)

Card Journal (Spiral Bound) by Aldo Colombini - Book (SO)

Ref: 54970

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Skill Level: Intermediate

Type: Book

Manufacturer: Wild-Colombini Magic

Here's a collection of twenty new routines for the magicians who want to impress their audiences. The effects go from almost self-working to a little bit more demanding but all of them should be in the range of any average card man.

I assume you know basic stuff like a card control, a Double Lift, Elmsley Count and the like. I have explained several times all the necessary moves to perform these routines in my previous books and I will not repeat every single sleight here. In case you need help with a move, drop me a line or an email and I will send you the explanation of that particular move.

Nothing to add. Have fun studying them and have even more fun performing them.

Pages: 16 - 8.5" x 11"

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