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Canic (DVD and Gimmick) by Nicholas Lawrence and SansMinds

Canic (DVD and Gimmick) by Nicholas Lawrence and SansMinds

Ref: F1284

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Nothing beats magic with an organic tone. Canic by Nicholas Lawrence is a practical piece of situational magic that will dazzle even your toughest audiences.

Imagine grabbing any unprepared soda can off any one and then pulling the tab off. You place this tab on your spectator's open palm, take the can, and tap it to the sitting tab in your spectator's hand. The tab instantly seals back on the can.

Once it's in your wallet, you'll always be ready to go. Whether you want to leave a long lasting impression for your clients, Get a gig in a restaurant or impress the press at a press conference, or simply perform it to make a few friends or colleagues at a social gathering, you have to try Canic to know how powerful it is.

Grab Canic now - You'll be amazed!
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