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V2F 2.0 by G and SM Productionz

V2F 2.0 by G and SM Productionz

Ref: D505

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G. , a creative thinker from the East who has recently finished his lecture tour in Taiwan, have decided to share his creative mind with a series of amazingly practical effects to the Western world in the next bit! And this, is just a start...

Imagine you are caught up to perform something in unexpected situation, and your friend hand you a beat up deck from a bar... Simply have a spectator sign a card, you visually vanish the card, and make the card reappear in your OR EVEN SPECTATOR'S WALLET!!


1. Use borrowed deck
2. No Gimmick/Impromptu
3. Perform Surrounded
4. It's a card to any wallet effect without expensive wallet!

Basic Routine includes...

Card to any wallet

Card to spectator's shoe

Professional Presentation straight from G.'s work

Illusionary Prank - Magic is all about perception. After the audience witnesses a very visual illusion (signed card to wallet routine), it was just an illusion after all. Nothing ever happened from the beginning...

Time Travel - G.'s take on the classic ambitious card routine that he perform on a daily basis.

Use borrowed deck
No Gimmick/Impromptu
Perform Surrounded
It's a card to any wallet effect without expensive wallet!
It's hard to find visual and practical magic that you can do with borrowed objects... so what are you waiting for?

"It's visual, it's strong, it's practical, and it's an gaff effect without gaff. What more can you ask for?"
- Will Tsai