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Invisible Deck (Bicycle Brand)

Invisible Deck (Bicycle Brand)

Ref: A022

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Price 7.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Beginner

Type : Trick

Manufacturer : Not Available


One of the best street magic card tricks in the world.

An "invisible deck" is handed to the spectator. The spectator is asked to remove the pretend cards from the packet and told to "shuffle the invisible cards" once satisfied that the cards are thoroughly mixed the spectator is asked to fan the cards and mentally select a card of THEIR own free choice . The spectator is then told to turn his card over and place it back into the invisible deck. The cards are then to be placed back into the packet and then put onto the table. The magician then produces a seemingly genuine deck of cards and asks the spectator to name his card. The magician opens the pack and removes the deck. The cards are then fanned face up revealing one card that is face down. The spectator removes the card, which to his/her surprise is their card.!!!

Remember: This trick works every time with any card named.

The Invisible deck is printed on Bicycle branded cards. As used by top magicians!


Customer Reviews

  Best card trick...Ever  Regardless of your skill level.. the invisible deck is a must have for anyone. It's mind blowing  (22/05/2016) Simon H - Kintbury, UK

  Everyone should own an Invisible Deck  Very easy to do. Great item   (26/05/2016) -