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The Magic Wand's Journey by DAMASO(With Props)

The Magic Wand's Journey by DAMASO(With Props)

Ref: D218

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Dámaso, great magician from Spain, has developed The Magic Wand's Journey, a trick tested for years only in Europe, now available for everyone all over the World.

You'll make a Magic Wand fly, totally surrounded by the audience, wherever and whenever!

And here comes the good part:
The trick resets in seconds.
Spectators can not interfere on the thread.
Light material. Good adherence. It admits al lot of variations and new movements.
Give the wand to a spectator. He'll find no gimmicks, and he can keep it as a souvenir!
After this effect, you can also continue performing cigarrette routines -the wand has the same size as a cigarrette-.
We also include a bonus trick you can continue with in your show: The Hipnotized card. Place a card in the hand of a person in the audience, and... The card will remain standing up by itself!!!
Replacements are also available.
Marc Oberon, FISM world winner, and European close-up magic winner, said in Madrid: "I'm surprised. This routine is totally new for me!".
The pack includes:
DVD in english and spanish.
6 wands pack and all material you need.