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Magic of Michael Ammar #3 by Michael Ammar

Magic of Michael Ammar #3 by Michael Ammar

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Recorded by broadcast-quality cameras and performed in front of a lay audience, you'll find all of your favorite Ammar classics. Whether you use this DVD as the perfect companion for the best-selling book or as a stand-alone learning tool, you'll find material suitable for all skill levels and a variety of venues.

This is the magic that created a legend.. and now it can be yours.

Volume 3 - A Touch of Magic - Coins
Michael Ammar's Master Coin Routine
Retention of Vision Vanish
Palming a Coin
Wiped Clean
Sonic Squeeze
Black Hole Coin Production
French Drop
Spider Vanish (Ed Marlo)
Coin from Elbow
Coin Blown from Nose
Bending the Coin
Coin Clip (Goshman)
Coin to Key
Coin on the Ceiling
Coin in the Bottle - Close-Up Version
Coin in the Bottle - Stage Version
Coin Through Hand
Shuttle Pass
Multiple Shuttle Pass
Part 2
Pencil Through Quarter
Flip Switch (Bob Elliott)
Coin Switch (Ammar)
One Finger Spellbound
Rick Anderson's Amazing Coin Vanish
Coins Through the Table (Mike Gallo)
Lapping a Coin
Coins Across - Two Versions (Mike Gallo)
Han Ping Chien Move
False Count with Coins
"One of the best close-up workers in the past 50 years. He's a genius."
- Dai Vernon

Running Time Approximately: 2hr