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The Wicked World of Liam Montier Vol 1

The Wicked World of Liam Montier Vol 1

Ref: B891

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Price 22.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Not Rated

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Manufacturer : Not Available

Enter the twisted yet brilliant mind of the UK's Liam Montier. Famed for his inventive and ingenious solutions to every magical plot he tackles, this respected practioner has a magical effect for every situation!

Like some crackpot inventor, Liam is renowned for his ability to take ANY object at hand and construct a fantastic routine around it. Across the two volumes of "The Wicked World", you'll find material using everything from cards, coins, bubblewrap, bank statements and lollipops to corks, business cards, socks and string - you name it, Liam will use it!

And what's even better, is that this stuff is EASY!

Come and visit The Wicked World Of Liam Montier - you might never leave!

Vol 1
Stickman Sebastian
Hof Slap
Worry Dolls (of doom)
Visual Voodoo
Triumph Twist
Psychic Pickpocket