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CONNECTED by Peter Harrison

CONNECTED by Peter Harrison

Ref: B197

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Price 16.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Not Rated

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Manufacturer : Not Available

The magician asks YOU to select a card.
YOU rip it into four equal pieces.
YOU give three back and keep one yourself.
After a squeeze.....The magician's three pieces vanish - Gone.
In your own wallet, there are the three pieces. No longer torn - restored with one quarter missing. Your piece.

This is a torn and restored card effect that changes direction, cutting loose of all expectation and rationality. CONNECTED has been Peter's closing effect in his close-up routine for years and now it is available to you.
This is not your typical card trick - What you receive is a super indepth tutorial lasting over one hour that'll teach you everything you need to make this amazing routine your own.

"BUY EVERYTHING THIS MAN SELLS!" Justin Miller - Professional magician.

"THIS IS A MUST HAVE! AMAZING!!" Alan Rorrison, Professional Magician

"The method employed in this effect is one of pure genius. The climax is quite possibly like no other that can be created in close up magic." Matthew Winnard, Close-up Champion - 28th New Zealand Magic Convention

"BUY THIS! Very clever Peter..." Cody S Fisher, Professional Magician

"Peter is magic's best kept secret". Greig Barret, Professional Magician

"This is incredible. Thank you for this genius piece of work Peter". Cody Gutcher, Magician

"This is probably the most worthwhile purchase I've made. This effect is that good. I can't stop talking about it. Thanks Peter for such a great effect!" Bryan London, Magician

"All I can say is Wow! Excellent construction, so magical. I can definitely see myself using this. It's a powerhouse effect!" Cameron Francis, Professional Magician

"It's a superb routine. Super subtle miracle - I love it!" David Forrest, Professional Magician