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Dude That's Cool Magic - Amazing Box of Tricks

Dude That's Cool Magic - Amazing Box of Tricks

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Amazing Box of Tricks - Contains 4 DVD's and A brilliant collection of magic tricks aimed at the budding magician that has perhaps set their sights on something much higher than your normal run of the mill boxed magic set.

Let's take a look at what's inside:

Spongeball Magic - With DVD Learn how to amaze your audience with spongeballs. Easy to learn routines and vanishes, including the Retention Vanish, Benson Bowl Routine, and must more! A set of 4 spongeballs along with a 30 minute instructional DVD

HotRod Pen - You show both sides of the pen to have multiple colour dots. The spectator selects a colour, and all of the dots transform to that colour! Great new item in Magic!

Vanishing Kit - The perfect solution for vanishing a silk. This kit includes 2 thumb tips, a silk hankie and step-by-step illustrated directions.

Stripper Deck- With DVD - This instructional DVD will teach you how to astonish your audience using the Stripper Deck. This deck can even be handed out for examination! A Bridge Size Pro Brand Stripper Deck comes with the DVD! Collect the series!

MAGIC MYSTERY PEN - an ordinary looking black pen with a secret gimmick. The performance is simple and easy to do. First show the pen and a dollar bill. Show the pen to penetrate the bill. Then magically remove the pen from the bill leaving no hole or blemishes. Hand both the pen and the bill out for total examination! Makes for a great everyday pen also.

Svengali Deck- With DVD - This instructional DVD will teach you some of the best card tricks that will amaze your audience! Easy to learn routines. A Bridge Size Pro Brand Svengali Deck comes with the DVD!

Million Dollar Monte - With DVD - This is the best 3 card trick ever! Printed in Bicycle Stock! This is the most purchased trick by magicians worldwide! No matter where you see the ace placed, it switches positions! Includes special cards with several performances and additional methods to switch-out the cards, plus more!

Tin Dimensions 195mm x 153mm x 76mm

{Spongeball - Demo}

{HotRod Pen - Demo}

{Vanishing Kit - Demo}

{Stripper Deck - Demo}

{Mystery Pen - Demo}

{Svengali - Demo}

{Million Dollar Monte - Demo}