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Ref: F1570

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Price 23.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Not Rated

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Manufacturer : Not Available

Imagine being able to create an illusion that looks like Special FX but being able to do it LIVE. A three phase routine where a card VISUALY MORPHYS in to a signed playing card.

From his working repertoire Mike Liu shares his highly visual morph of a playing card in to a signed playing card. Mike has performed this routine under test conditions from street performances to strolling and close-up corporate work. It has become his signature routine that not only fools lay people but has fooled many a knowledgeable magician.

No pipe-dreams – this is audience tested over many years to get maximum impact. A very visual and original card change.

This very visual morph happens up close-up using a very clever gimmick that does all the work for you. During the morph the spectators see the card actually smudge then morph in to the card they signed moments before.

Each gimmick is custom made and does most the work for you.

EFFECT: A three phase card morph routine where a card is selected from a RED back deck and signed on the face. It is then lost in the deck. The performer then shows the face card of the deck which starts to SMUDGE as he waves his hand then visibly morph in to the signed card, which is the spectator then turns over to now discover their card has a BLUE back. The card is given away as a souvenir.

Minimal skill required

Fully finished custom made gimmicks (in red back bicycle)

Download video instructions with live performances

Resets in seconds

Perfect for any working condition from street to strolling {Video Demo}